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KnowledgePresenter® XII Professional Features

KnowledgePresenter is the most advanced HTML5 development tool on earth. So there are a lot of features. You may find it easier to have a look at some of the demos, or some of the lesson in KP University for a more visual approach:

What's new in KnowledgePresenter® XII Professional?

This version of KnowledgePresenter is a complete revamp. There are so many new features they are hard to mention. Here are some highlights:

What is included with KnowledgePresenter® XII Professional?

What are the Main Features?

Question Types.


Industry Standards

Flexible Delivery

Mobile Features

A number of improvements and additions have been made to KnowledgePresenter XII to make content created for, or just played on any mobile device (phone or tablet). These include:

Reporting, Recording and Certification

Rapid Development

Temporary Uploads

Language Options and Customization

Online Clipart

KP Blackboard

Group Development

Screen Capture

Creating the Training Environment

Multiple Choice Quizzes

SCORM Implementation

Learning Management System (KP-Learner Manager™ (standard edition)).




Fast Previews

Good Looks

Getting Started



Create and Edit Objects




*KnowledgePresenter is not provided with any MP3 encoding or decoding capability, so to use this implentation may require an MP3 codec installed on your machine. Note that the use of MP3 in any software may require a license with the appropriate copyright holders. See www.mp3licensing.com for more details.